Using Bitcoin for Backpage Advertising

** Remember, Bitcoin is the most anonymous form of receiving and sending payment. Unlike a traditional credit card your name and info is NOT required!! When you buy from our ATMs, we have no idea who you are or what you do with your money, ever.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a wallet installed on your smartphone. Having a wallet on your smartphone is the best way to control the Bitcoins you purchase, as well as a way for you yourself to be able to confirm payment to your BackPage account.
Pick a wallet here:
Install, setup, watch quick video here:
* install the wallet before you goto the atm. Give it time to sync with the network. Being on WiFi or data is key.

Now if you have a BackPage account already setup, login. In our example we will be renewing our ad.  Goto BackPage manage my account.  Click Manage Ad (see & click image below)

BackPage Bitcoin
BackPage Bitcoin

When you click manage you will have some options available with regards to promotions, they are listed beside the word Purchase. Select what you would like to do.

Next comes the payment. Select Bitcoin Invoice.
You will be showed the amount of BTC you need to send and a large string of numbers and letters, know as the adress. This is where the Bitcoins to pay will be sent.

Backpage Bitcoin
Backpage Bitcoin

You can cut and paste the address you are shown into your wallet send to address area and send the funds. Remember, take your time and make sure you understand how much you are sending. Payments are non-reversible if you make a mistake.

If you are planning to goto an ATM and pay direct to BackPage, you can print out the qr code by clicking the Generate a QR code.
** this is not advised. You should send to your wallet first.
*** if you need $10 for BackPage you will  need to purchase above and beyond that $10 ad cost as ALL atms have a commission fee. If you need $10 we suggest you purchase $15-20 worth.

BackPage Bitcoin
BackPage Bitcoin

Now the QR cannot be the full size of the paper you print it out on. Print the BackPage page with a printer. If the QR code is blurry it will not work. For best results use a smart phone.

Many people have asked how long before their advertisement will start showing up. From our experience you will receive a receipt of payment almost immediately once the Bitcoin has been sent and if you have an account with Back Page. As for when your advertisement will actually be displayed, we find this can take a few minutes, upto 15 at times. tobitcoin has no control over how fast backpage advertisements are updated.