Bitcoin Wallet Issues – FAQ

Q) I dont see my bitcoins i just bought!
A) Typically when a customer doesn’t see their bitcoins it’s due to their internet connection. Please disable your WiFi and strictly use data.  On a good connection your Bitcoins will arrive to your cellular device / tablet within 1-2 seconds of clicking send at our machines.

Q) I sent my coins straight to an online wallet like Paxful / Backpage / Blockchain.
A) Due to how online wallets operate we cannot support troubleshooting for those wallets. We highly recommend that all users utilize their own Bitcoin Wallets as seen on our resource page here:
 we commonly see online wallets not updating for hours or not showing actual receives of coins. Please use your own Bitcoin Wallet.

Q) I dont have data on my phone, now what?
A) Your Bitcoin Wallet will not show received bitcoins until you are connected to the internet via either WiFi or Data from your cellular provider. You can purchase Bitcoins as long as your phone is showing a QR code.
Free WiFi can often be found at local coffee shops or pizzerias. Remember, just because you are connected at a coffee shops internet is not a guarantee their connection is fast.

Q) I can’t spend my bitcoins!
A) Typically when a user can’t spend their Bitcoins from their wallet it is due to either no internet connections or the funds not being confirmed in the block chain yet.

Q) My QR code won’t scan.
A) The most common reason for we see for QR codes not scanning is due to using a wallet such as BlockChain. We do not recommend using this wallet at all, please try BreadWallet.
If you have printed out a QR code ensure there is enough blank white space around the QR code, ensure the QR code is about 1.5″ x 1.5″. The machines are meant to scan Bitcoin Wallets on smart phones.

Q) I deleted my Bitcoin Wallet, i had money on it, now what?
A) If you delete your Bitcoin Wallet and you do not have a backup of the wallet or the seed, the coins are likely lost. It is not recommended to delete your wallets. Please write down your seed and or have a backup of the data.